Social Media

Importance of Twitter

on January 25, 2012

Before googling “why is twitter important” I had never really thought it was. The extent of my twitter knowledge was that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher ‘tweet’ some really strange pictures and Katy Perry has recently ‘unfollowed’ Russell Brand. Whenever I had asked someone what twitter was all about, they would respond with “it’s just like your facebook status”, which shaped my unease towards joining twitter right off the bat because I didn’t want to keep getting updates from Sam everytime she makes soup for dinner. Who really cares about that? Not me.

What I didn’t know was that people who actively use twitter are people that actually have important news to contribute to the site and want to influence other people, they aren’t just bored college students avoiding their homework and posting about their meals. In fact, this article talks about how twitter users are three times more likely to amplify the influence of a brand than any other social media interface. Just like we’re trying to get our brand out there and influence people with it, that’s what everyone else on twitter is doing as well. Just like we’re trying to get traffic to our blogs, 72% of people on twitter publish blog posts at least once a month too. And just like we’ve joined a wiki site, 50% of active twitter users make wiki site contributions. that’s quite impressive.

Twitter allows you to influence other people as well as allowing you to be influence by other people. it’s not just expanding your brand, but it’s also expanding your knowledge. Since it has the 140 character limit, it also makes people get to the point of what they’re trying to say, rather than rambling on and on, which could cause some people (like me) to lose interest.

Another thing about twitter is that it is so easy. it doesn’t have all of the random pages and games (farmville, really?) that facebook has that are almost always completely pointless and do nothing to improve your life. Twitter is just a simple way to get your thoughts out to people in the world. it’s easy for people to feel connected to each other just from a short posting of something they find interesting, whether it’s connecting them with just family and friends or with coworkers, or even with celebrities. I had to admit I think it’s pretty cool that you can follow your favorite celebrities and know it’s actually them because there is that lovely little blue checkmark of authenticity. You are able to stay up to date on your favorite band’s newest music or you can stay up to date on the current standing of your business, that’s the beauty of twitter.

Twitter connects you and your brand to other people and there brand. Through twitter you can be connected to everyone in the world, something called the six degrees of separation. I don’t know if everyone is familiar with it, but, in a twitter-length nutshell, the six degrees of separation is basically a study about how everyone is connected to everyone else in the world by 6 steps or less. By connecting yourself using twitter, you’re connecting yourself with the people that follow you, the people that follow them, and so on. it’s an endless cesspool (in the best way possible) of knowledge just waiting to be seen and shared.


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